Each day will be associated with an overarching goal, meaning 5 in total. Each wellness goal will have measurable objectives and/or points based on degree of accomplishment. This is your time to nourish yourself with the competition being a fun way to build teamwork and support.


We provide support through incentives, so you will work as both a team and individual for points. For a list of individual and team rewards, click here.


These incentives include donations from the edu-business community (our sponsors). You may also request your parent community contribute through their PTA/ PTO fundraising to help fund school related health services and products for ongoing wellness. All gifts from local, regional, or national sponsors need to be celebrated to encourage future participation..



Download the task list & scoring form for your school or district.



Please note that research is an essential component of our work. In order to help improve funding for wellness, any correlations between faculty wellness and student outcomes needs to be established. We thank you in advance for being the first state in the country to participate in this type of organized research.


Survey results will be published although names and contact information will be kept private.




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